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Track Resources is focused on sourcing and supporting manufacturers of products looking to enter the North American market; specifically those who support green, sustainable needs in urban, rural and industrial development.

We have served clients nationally and internationally since 1993, offering professional ground level representation. We work to match our clients with qualified businesses that have the required knowledge, infrastructure and reach to meet current market edge.


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Atlantis Corporation International Pty

Atlantis Corporation International Pty (Australia) – New Product Launch for Green City Design- Project: To develop North America distribution, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and technical support.

Mystic Trading

Mystic Trading (Australia) – Plant Research Launch – Project: Facilitated UBC research greenhouse test results that moved to adoption of BC and Alberta nurseries to supply enhanced drought resistant seedlings for forest reclamation.

Star Water

Star Water (Australia) – Organics Material Supply and Soil Mixers for Patented Filter Media Technology - Project:

America Resources

America Resources (Mexico) – Research Platforms for RFID Dupont Technology for Use in Canadian Vehicle Registration and Tracking of Dangerous Goods Transport in Canada. Project: To research the need for the technology in vehicle / border security, tracking dangerous goods across provincial boundaries and set up discussion with CBSA on their current system ability.

Carpe Diem Designs

Carpe Diem Designs (Canada) Indonesia / Japan – Manufacturing and Distribution – Project: To support the manufacturing and market development of a clothing and leather bag line in Indonesia for markets developed in Japan and Canada.

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